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Oconee United Evaluations - Posted/Updated Date: December 15, 2017 5:24 pm   By: Danny Marcengill

All events are canceled for the month of December. We will have evaluations on 1/13/2018 1-3 pm at WMS and we are planning a parents meeting and a rain date (if needed) on 1/20/2018 more to come on that next week. We have some changes coming and we will continue to use the curriculum based program via United FC and Turbo Soccer. We will also be offering a special rate for early birds!

IMPORTANT! - Posted/Updated Date: December 7, 2017 4:23 pm   By: Admin

All OUSA events for this weekend have been cancelled. We will make an announcement shortly for a parents/rec meeting early in 2018.

2018 Academy and Recreation Evaluation Registration - Posted/Updated Date: September 29, 2017 5:39 pm   By: Danny Marcengill

Here about Oconee United at Super Saturday?  Register here for the upcoming evaluation for players age 2005-2012.  We will be forming teams for the spring and we want your player to be part of our club (soon to be your club).  Oconee United offers great training, fun but also challenging training for players at every skill level.  We play clubs for all over the upstate and the goal of our host club is success for every player, so welcome and register here.  REGISTRATION

United FC Oconee

We offer low cost training right now for your player on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings.  Come on out for a free trial.

Oconee United Board Election Results! - Posted/Updated Date: September 18, 2017 5:45 pm   By: Danny Marcengill

The results are in and the people have spoken and Oconee United has elected a new board!

President- John Twitty, Vice President –  Elry Hodge, Secretary Lorilie Swanson Wechter, and Treasurer Danny Marcengill.

At Large Members

Mike Wechter, Eileen Iseli, Cheryl Nelson, Lannie Delaney, Diane Marcengill.

Nominated during the voting process for At-Large Joel Nelson.

All new board members please visit ACCEPTANCE/DECLINE

We need to call a first board meeting, so Mr. Twitty can let me know when and where that will be.

Results of the votes, I removed the names of who voted on this form, but anyone wishing to see the entire log can do so by request.

VOTE FOR BOARD MEMBERS – Registrants (1)

Thanks to all that voted!  Especially, Josh who voted twice.

United FC Oconee Youth Academy - Posted/Updated Date: September 6, 2017 4:09 pm   By: Danny Marcengill


Tonight will be our first recreation session at Walhalla Middle, please bring your young one out for some excellent soccer training from Coach J Steele.  Coach Steele will be working with young players born 2005-2012, with hopes of creating some teams for the younger guys going into the Spring.  Our recreation training is inexpensive at $45.00 and we hope to see you at training tonight and every Wednesday night during the fall!  Please register for a special reminder service via text the word 2017OUSAREC to 84483 using your cell phone.

Oconee United FALL recreation! - Posted/Updated Date: August 4, 2017 5:31 pm   By: Danny Marcengill

What is Oconee United Recreation and Jr. Academy? Oconee United has tried over the past 5 years to offer Recreation and Academy (training and games for younger kids 12 and under) soccer with limited success. In 2017-18 Fall and Spring we are going to try a different approach. Instead of competing with the city recreation programs, we have decided to offer our services as an enhancement to the city program. We will be offering training sessions for what is generally off nights for the city league and practices, with an opportunity to expand play and training for your player (based on number of players).

Here is how this works- for $45.00 you player will receive extra training with Oconee United’s professional coaching staff. The sessions will be held on Wednesday nights 9/6/17, 9/13/17, 9/20/17, 9/27/17, 10/4/17, 10/11/2017, 10/18/2017, 10/25/2017 with 11/01/2017 as a make up date. We may add some weekend dates to the schedule to make up for weather and other issues. The sessions will be broken into 2 groups, players born 2005-2008 will practice at 7:15pm and players born 2009-2012 will practice at 6:00pm.

Rec Plus, players and parents that opt into this program will have the extra opportunity to play games within the United FC (Greenville, SC) league. Teams will at first be placed into the Saturday Recreation League, but depending on the success of that team, may be moved up to the Sunday Academy League. This has been an issue in the past for OUSA teams, our players are talented but raw, so we typically are too good for the Rec league, but get beat up in the Academy League. It is our hope that we can develop and train a group of kids over several seasons and develop them into a lean mean soccer team. Our 2003 and 2000 Men’s teams have found great success over the last couple of years, winning regional tournaments, etc., but those kids started out not winning a lot of games. The Rec Plus program cost $130.00 for the season, that includes about 10 games, a Rec style uniform kit, and additional training during the week. By the way, do not expect success right out of the gate with wins and losses, the teams we play at Academy level have been together generally for several years, and many have been training year round. We tend to look at early success as going things right on the field, making good passes and moving the ball, the wins will come as the team matures and gets older. Quality wins hold a lot more value than easy wins. Almost every player at Clemson, could have went to a smaller school and got on the field sooner, but to play at the next level, you have to challenge yourself, fight for playing time vs the best, that is how you get good.

Just a thought, our older teams have/will play games as USC-S, BJU, Clemson, and we have had coaching staff from Clemson, Anderson U, Colorado Rapids (MLS), North Greenville, SWU train our players and we have kids that played for OUSA currently or fixing to be college players. Our new affiliation with United FC allows players that used to have to go to Greenville or further for training to stay at home in Walhalla and Seneca and play and train on a limited basis with extraordinary talented players for all over the upstate, state, and even the region.


Program, Billing and Payment Link - Posted/Updated Date: July 31, 2017 11:03 am   By: Admin

Click HERE

NEW RAINED OUT LINK. - Posted/Updated Date: June 22, 2017 12:01 pm   By: Danny Marcengill

Please register for rained out by texting the word 2017UnitedFCO to 84483 with your cellular device. This will be the main point of communication for last minute changes and adjustments. If you want to know what is going on, you MUST register with Even if you already get messages from OUSA via rainedout, you need to register under this new list, you may not get messages about training and games moving forward.

Hello Parents of the children who participated in the school soccer program! - Posted/Updated Date: May 18, 2017 4:31 pm   By: Danny Marcengill

Thank you for your interest in our program, and we are so excited that you stopped by our site today!  We have an exciting Fall planned for both our recreation players (We call our program TURBO- Turbo is the name of the curriculum that our recreation players use, it was written by the United FC.) and our competitive players.  Both recreation and academy play is for players born 2006-2012, the major difference between the two types of programs are the seriousness of play.  Recreation is more laid back with fewer certified training sessions, much of the training and game coaching is handled by a parent or volunteer.  The Hybrid Academy program allows the more advanced or the player who wants to advance play and train at a higher level.  Players in Hybrid Academy will be part of the Turbo Recreation program with some extra training and game times.  We are also offering summer practice nights with lowered cost if you do everything.  Since this program is lower cost, the uniform kits will be from scoresports and we will not have the ability to request numbers.

The following information is required, birth certificate, completion ofunitedfclogo the online registration, a medical release, photo of the player, other info may be needed if born outside of the USA or Canada.  Much of this information can be uploaded with your phone at the time of the electronic team registration.

Players born from 2006-2012 Fees:

$45.00 Basic Recreation (limited games, mainly aimed to add ball mastery and technique for young players)  Open to any player,  practices will be on Wednesday nights to avoid conflict with city league, and any games will be on Saturday mornings.

$130 Hybrid Academy- this program is for the serious player, who wants to be the best.  Players maybe be promoted to this level by coach or parent.  If your player wants to be the best, to face quality competition, and go far in soccer this is your plan!

Everything- Basic Program, Hybrid Academy in the Fall, and the Summer Session Program! (Summer Session cost is $80.00) Reg. Price $255.00/ Special $225.00

2017 United FC-Oconee Uniform Kits Samples - Posted/Updated Date: April 27, 2017 3:42 pm   By: Danny Marcengill

2017 Fall Season brings new and exciting opportunities for our young men and ladies.  One thing that will be changing will be our look.  Here is some sample photos of our 2017 Kits.  United FC has great buying power, so these kits are in the same range as our old Score Sports kits and you get more GEAR!!  Kits are currently estimated at $125.00 for everything.

UnitedFC2017A UnitedFC2017H UnitedFC2017T


Oconee United Excellence Policy - A MUST READ

Changes for the upcoming season
One of the key components of any organization is the commitment to fully participate and support whatever endeavor you choose to commit too. In today's world there are so many competing interest for your time and money and it is necessary to have a few ground rules for our club to be successful.

In our endeavor to teach soccer skills, sportsmanship and leadership to our club players as well as being good stewards of our club resources; the following policies should be adhered to for all club participants:

1. Accepting a position on a club team requires commitment by each individual to not allow competing interest in other sports or activities to interfere with practice times or game times for your team.
2. Absences and/or tardiness will directly affect your playing time in games. ALL players (or parents) are required to notify your coach, with a VALID reason, if you are going to be late or absent from practices or games. Your coach will see if other arrangements can be made to facilitate no tardiness or absences.
3. Parents and soccer players are REQUIRED to contact the DOC for The Oconee United soccer club prior to registering for other sports if they have accepted a position on a club team.

Oconee United Soccer Association (OUSA) is a non-profit 501c3 organization that is primarily run by unpaid volunteers. OUSA strives to keep costs as low as possible to ensure that every child has an opportunity to experience the benefits of organized youth soccer. However, OUSA does recognize that, from time to time, financial difficulties do arise. In the event that financial assistance is needed, OUSA has set up a scholarship for families in need. Please contact our Treasurer for additional information.

All Club members are encourage to participate in club fundraisers. Participation is mandatory for players who are on scholarship.

If you have any questions, please speak to an OUSA Board member.
Thank you.

Oconee Política de excelencia Estados - UNA LECTURA OBLIGADA

Cambios para la próxima temporada
Uno de los componentes clave de cualquier organización es el compromiso de participar plenamente y apoyo cualquier esfuerzo que decide comprometerse demasiado . En el mundo actual hay tantos intereses que compiten por su tiempo y dinero y que es necesario tener algunas reglas básicas para nuestro club tenga éxito.

En nuestro esfuerzo para enseñar habilidades de fútbol , la deportividad y el liderazgo a nuestros jugadores del club , además de ser buenos administradores de nuestros recursos del club ; las siguientes políticas deben ser atendidas para todos los participantes del club :

1. Aceptar un cargo en un equipo del club requiere compromiso por parte de cada individuo a no permite competencia interés en otros deportes o actividades al interferir con la práctica o juego veces para su equipo.
2. Ausencias o tardanzas afectará directamente su tiempo jugando en los juegos. Todos los jugadores (o los padres) están obligados a notificar su coche, con una razón válida, si va a ser tarde o ausente de las prácticas o juegos. Tu coche a ver si se pueden hacer otros arreglos para no facilitar tardanzas o ausencias.
3. Los padres y jugadores de fútbol son necesarias en contacto con el DOC para el Oconee United club de fútbol antes de registrarse para otros deportes, si han aceptado una posición en un equipo del club.

Asociación de fútbol Reino de Oconee (OUSA) es una organización 501c3 sin fines de lucro que está a cargo principalmente de voluntarios no remunerados. OUSA se esfuerza por mantener los costos tan bajos como sea posible para asegurar que cada niño tenga la oportunidad de experimentar los beneficios de fútbol juvenil organizada. Sin embargo, OUSA reconocen que, de vez en cuando, surjan dificultades financieras. En caso de que se necesita asistencia financiera, OUSA ha creado una beca para familias en necesidad. Para obtener más información por favor póngase en contacto con nuestro Tesorero.

Los miembros del Club todos son Anímate a participar en recaudación de fondos del club. La participación es obligatoria para los jugadores que están en beca.

Si usted tiene alguna pregunta, por favor hable con un miembro de la Junta de OUSA.