It is still under construction but we hope that you will take a little time to look around.


We are UNITED in promoting quality soccer in our community.

We are UNITED in thanking Coach Mabel for a WONDERFUL JOB this Spring!!! Best wishes this Fall with college and soccer!!

We are UNITED in welcoming back Josh Steele as our Director of Coaching and in welcoming Alphonso, Caitlin, and Jesus to the coaching staff. (check out our Staff under the “about us” page)

We are UNITED in efforts to encourage everyone see why Soccer is the most played and loved sport in the World!

We are UNITED in THANKING everyone that has been a part of OUSA in the PAST!! You make tomorrow possible.

Come out to our Player and Parents Meeting and Mini-Camp this Saturday April 28th at WMS stadium from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

See you out there. Best regards and thanks for visiting,
Coaches and Volunteer Staff of OCONEE UNITED ????